The Servant Spouse

Hey guys…looking for a way to make your wife’s heart skip a beat? Then roll up your sleeves and load the dishwasher!

Marriages that thrive are those where both husband and wife develop a servant mentality, looking for ways to meet each other’s needs. It doesn’t take a big expensive gift to thrill your mate. Just noticing what she needs and being willing to step in and help goes a long way toward making her life easier.
Don’t wait for her to ask before starting on housework. Take time to make the bed, or take out the rubbish, or put in a load of clothes. If you see she’s having a stressful day, take the kids to the park and give her the afternoon off off. She might just want to go shopping, visit some friends or just stay at home. It’s the little things that keep a strong marriage growing even stronger.

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