Questions to Ask Your Teen

The next time you feel like lecturing your teenager, why not stop and ask them a few questions instead? Their answers may surprise you. 
Ask your teen, “How does it feel when I lecture you?” Then encourage them to be honest with their answer. But be prepared, they may just tell you what they're hearing sounds a lot like nagging.  Huh? And you thought they’d praise your profound logical wisdom.
While you’re communicating with your teen, why not ask other questions. Like, “How often do I interrupt you when you’re trying to tell me something?” Or “Do you feel like I trust you?” Or even, “Is there anything you don’t feel safe talking to me about?”

Engaging your teen may give you valuable insight into the true nature of your relationship. More than that, it will let them know that you really care what they think. And what teen doesn’t want to be heard? 

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