Online Worries

The “World Wide Web” is a great tool, but it can easily lead to “World Wide Worries.”

An older woman went to her doctor convinced that she had an incurable disease. The doctor told her she was fine and sent her home. But a few weeks later she was back in his office, sure that she had another fatal illness. Again he assured her she was healthy. This pattern repeated several times before the doctor discovered the problem. This lady had been staying up late surfing medical sites on the Internet. He told her the best thing she could do for her health was to turn off the computer and get some sleep.

The Internet is a great tool for research but don’t believe everything you read. Not all information is current or accurate. So before getting your medical advice online, make sure you know who’s dishing it out. And remember, even the best advice is no substitute for a good family GP.

More Tips

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