Keeping Christmas Simple

How can we really keep Christmas simple and not feel overwhelmed?
What can we do to create a time of joy, peace and genuine goodwill?
Here are a few ideas that can help.
First of all, Plan ahead – Write everything down and place dates in your diary as soon as you can – don’t rely on your memory.
Second, Have realistic expectations– not everything is going to go to plan. We don’t have to have the perfect house, gourmet meal or expensive presents.
Third, we need to Choose our attitude – Be joyful, there is a lot to be thankful for!
And finally, we need to remember the reason why the Christmas holiday exists, it’s the birthday of Jesus God’s gift to the world.
By keeping these things in mind, we can reduce our stress levels and bring more joy to our homes.
Have blessed and safe Christmas from all of us here at Focus on the Family Australia.

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