Hi Focus,

I wanted to send you a quick note with some encouragement. My wife Fiona and I have been married for 22 years, and we attended the FotF Marriage Retreat back in April in Melbourne. It has saved our marriage! (Not an exaggeration!)

We had a pretty rough last 3 years in our marriage, with my work taking far too much out of me, often leaving me with nothing left to give to my wife and kids. Not surprisingly, after a few years of neglect, our marriage was suffering. 

Coming into 2019 I thought things were looking up for Fiona and I. I had ended the job that was occupying all of my time and energy at the end of last year. As encouraged by our counselor, Fiona and I were spending lots more intentional time together. Things were slowly looking up.

We booked into the marriage retreat to further invest into our relationship.

As Fiona and I talked at the retreat, I realised there had been times when my wife had experienced deep pain during our 22 year marriage that was still unresolved. As much as I hated to admit it, I realised that I caused so many of our marriage problems! My wife was not blameless, but I was responsible for so many of the difficulties to which Fiona so often responded negatively. It became clear just how much damage I had caused over many years to my most precious gift. It broke me completely.

The weekend was such a healing time for us both. We recommitted ourselves to getting it right(er) and treating each other with the mutual respect we each deserve. Quite literally, we began to rebuild our broken marriage on a new,
stronger foundation.

In our retreat gift bag was a small diamond, as a reminder that we are precious to each other. This was a very powerful concept for me and one which really helped me re-frame my marriage. Now, to help me remember, I went out and got a tattoo of a diamond on my shoulder so that every morning when I see it, I remember how precious Fiona is to me (not a joke)!

Thank you, You guys saved our marriage!



With letters like Andy’s, and with over 145 couples expressing interest in similar events from all over the nation, it would be remiss for us not to continue with God’s agenda. In 2020 we are committed to running 3 more Real Life:Real Love Retreats in Melbourne and several marriage conferences across the nation with the same goal of enriching marriages through a Biblical worldview. Our content is diverse, helping those who are happily married to those in crisis.

Unfortunately, we see and hear of the heartbreaking domino effect and emotional toll on the wider family, friends and community when a marriage disintegrates. We want to prevent this from happening. Your contribution goes toward the further development of the marriage experiences as well as topping up the Real Life:Real Love fund to help those that are facing financial hardship. 

Together we can strengthen more relationships and save marriages in Jesus’ name. 

Brett Ryan

CEO - Focus on the Family Australia.


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