A champion, a defender, a hero, an advocate, a life changer; have you ever been bestowed such titles? To those whose lives you’ve changed that’s exactly who you are. You see without your courage and investment into the lives of everyday Australians there wouldn’t be stories like the ones below from Lucy, Paul and Berni.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your letter when I was seeking help for my 13-year-old daughter that was self-harming and depressed. The advice was so helpful and now our daughter is in a much healthier space.” -Lucy

“We were about to call it quits, We’ve both had enough of our dysfunctional marriage, that was until we attended a Focus marriage retreat. It not only convinced us that we had to stay and there was hope but it also gave us the tools we needed to reignite our marriage. THANKYOU.” -Paul

“Focus has been an enormous compass for me to gauge and support my parenting and grand-parenting skills. Thank you for your consistent work over many years. I’m sharing and passing on this sound and solid advice to my children who are now parents and so on it goes.. God bless you all.” -Berni

These are just a handful of stories from the families and relationships that you support and fly your flag for. These lives are only changed by your kingdom investment. It’s evident that you have a heart for strong families and marriages.

A champion, a defender, a hero, an advocate, a life changer, this is who you are. Continue to wave the flag, continue your investment in family and relationships so that together we can see lives impacted and changed for the better.

On behalf of the families and relationships you support, thank you! Thank you for your generosity, your advocacy, prayers and your faith.

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