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Digging a Well of Praise
By Mandy Furlong
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I recently came across a journal entry of mine from 2017, and I recognised in that moment that sometimes God speaks to you, and it's actually for you to find, like a hidden treasure, years later.

July 2017,
"When we have had a place of pain in our lives, often we can rehash the memories, the conversations, the painful moments, the injustice. As I sat with God today, I felt Jesus nudge me to learn to dig a well in that place of my thoughts. He encouraged me to dig out all the memories, the hurts, shovel them out of that space in your thoughts....and into His hands.

Then spend time thanking Him for every good thing you can see Him doing now. Every good and perfect thing that He is. That way, when we return to that place in our thoughts, it will now be a well of praise, empty of pain and filled with living water."

So there I sat...in the place of my thoughts filled with pain, disappointment, hurt, injustice. I picked up my shovel and began to dig out every single one of them. Every conversation replayed over and over. Every rehashed memory that was living on a carousel in my thoughts. Every painful word that has stayed around like a resounding echo. Every unjust circumstance where people knew half truths. It was a deep well. But...the deeper the well...the deeper the capacity for the fresh living water to replace what was once a rubbish dump.

Let me encourage you today. God is so present. He is so aware of ALL the things. He is also longing to take it all and replace it with fresh living waters of hope and restoration, joy and comfort, peace and unending love.

Why not grab a shovel and sit with Jesus?

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