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What we're about

Since 1993, Focus on the Family Australia has been helping Australia's families and communities through radio broadcasts, preventative education programs, seminars, counselling and a wide range of resources for families. Focus on the Family Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that offers relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life. Our aim is "To help strengthen Australian families". Regardless of their religion, politics, socioeconomic status, culture or age.

Our Focus

We focus on real life issues and offering relevant, practical support for all members of the family. Through our programs, resources and seminars, we tackle the challenging issues of binge drinking, drugs, pornography, depression, bullying and teenage sexuality head on. We focus on academic and research excellence where our major parenting and relationship programs undergo ongoing validation by independent experts. We focus on partnerships with government, schools, businesses, churches and you to promote policies and programs that advance family stability. We focus on preventative education to help parents and teens recognise and stop crises before they happen, which motivates a unique type of supporter, who understands that giving to prevention is often more effective than giving to a cure. We invite you to partner with us because with your help we can have a positive impact on our nation.