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Untitled 1 "Alcohol and drugs are indicated in the majority of risky behaviours, injury and deaths for young people." (Risk taking by young people, Australian Social Trends, 2008, Australian Bureau of Statistics)


Aussie kids face tough choices in their teen years. Alcohol and other drugs are the number one cause of serious injury and death in young people.


Research shows that parents are the most influential factor in steering children away from drug use and alcohol. How To Drug Proof Your Kids is an evidence-based, prevention-focused program aimed at parents of 6 – 14 year old children.

Aussie kids face enormous pressures and must make critical choices in their teen years.

Are you and your child ready?

How to Drug Proof Your Kids

Parents Pack

Alcohol and drug use cause the most deaths and serious injuries in young people. You can take action to protect your kids in the convenience of your own home.

The How to Drug Proof Your Kids™ Parent Pack covers:

  • vital information and tools to prepare you and your children for the teenage years
  • the reality of alcohol and drug use in Australia
  • latest research on alcohol and adolescent brain development
Grow Kids of Good Character.

For parents of kids 6 to 14 yrs


Price: $29.95

Research shows early preparation is critical! Research also indicates that parents have the greatest influence on their kids and the choices they make.

The How to Drug Proof Your Kids® program will equip you to:

  • Shape your child’s future
  • Impact a community
  • Steer kids away from the harmful use of drugs

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