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For Couples - draw him out For Couples - draw him out        

For Couples - Marriage Killers

It isn't the major tragedies that tear so many marriages apart, it's sometimes the unhealthy choices that couples make on a daily basis.  When marriages fail, many couples point to some major issue.  But a relationship that's strong should be able to weather any storm.  The truth is, it's the little things that kill a marriage.

A wife may decide to hide her shopping receipts, so that her husband won't know how much she spends on clothes. She may talk about him behind his back or confess things to her mother about their marriage, knowing how much that bothers him. A husband may work long hours, even though he knows how much his wife resents it. He may sneak out for a round of golf without telling her.

It's these small, daily choices of dishonesty that tear away at the foundation of a marriage. And the only way to rebuild it is through a conscious decision to change. That means doing whatever it takes to rebuild the trust you've lost.

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For Parents of Teens - I Hate it When That Happens

 Hate is a strong word — especially when our kids use it against us. As difficult as it is to hear mean words from our teen, remember this important principle — if our children always like us, it’s likely that we may be failing in our job as parents.

Too many parents today are so concerned with being their children’s best friend that they don’t set appropriate limits on their behaviour. This is known as “pushover parenting,” and it sets up children for failure and frustration because they are not used to having any limits or boundaries.

No matter the circumstances though, it’s unacceptable for your teen to say they hate you. When they’re frustrated or angry, allow them to verbalize their anger in a respectful way. It’s okay to say, “I’m angry with you,” but never accept “I hate you.” Let them know there will be consequences associated with that behaviour.

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For Parents - Teaching Kids Creatively

  Sometimes the best approach to solving a problem is to think outside the box. And what better skill to teach our kids?

There's a difference between being artistic and being creative. Creativity is about solving problems by looking at things from a different perspective. It's a matter of learning to consider multiple solutions, and thinking through a number of possible outcomes.

Instead of simply saying something won't work, a creative person will usually try to figure out a way to make it work. And creativity isn't something you have to be born with-it's a skill, just like math or reading. And it's something every child can learn.

When your kids are ready to give up on a project, teach them to look at it from a different angle. Say to them, "What would happen if we tried it this way?" And if that doesn't work, help them try something else. The key is to think outside the box-and to teach your kids to do the same.

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For Everyone - The True Measure of Success

Ever notice how people who know the most are the first to acknowledge just how little they know? You can always tell a truly successful person by their humility and genuine nature.

They don’t feel the need to tell you how good they are; they’re just good at what they do. And they look for ways to build others up. They understand that true success is a group effort, and it happens best when everyone succeeds together. They’re also quick to give credit to others when something works.

And if it fails, they’re not afraid to take the blame. Instead of always worrying about making the right decision, successful people make a decision and then work to make it right. They understand that any plan is better than no plan. No matter what the task, if you don’t take the first step, you’ll never succeed. That’s why successful people are always moving forward.

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